Hi Hat Moog Percussion Guide Port

I created this Hi Hat patch on the Subsequent 37 following this Moog percussion guide (https://api.moogmusic.com/sites/default/files/2019-03/Synthesized_Percussion_Guide.pdf) for the Sub Phatty.

Submitted by Zach Swift



Slap Ring Patch

A fuzzy, percussive bass patch. Works nicely arpeggiated but also for big bass lines.

Submitted by Deeko


Download: slap-ring

Snare Drum Patch

A simple snare drum patch.

Only a short hit with an oscillator and noise. The pitch of the oscillator is descending, the Filter EG is used in Mod Bus 2 to achieve that. A lot could still be improved.

Download: snare-drum.syx

Kick Drum Patch

A simple kick drum patch.

No oscillators, only the filter in self-oscillation, swept by the Filter EG.

Use the Filter Cutoff to tune the kick drum, play with the envelope generators to change the character. Notice it’s fun playing melodies with a kick.

Download: kick-drum.syx

Rhythmic Chaos Patch

Lots of modulation going on: LFO 1 modulates OSC 1 pitch, filter cutoff, and Amp Env Loop; LFO 2 modulates OSC 2 pitch, filter and LFO 1 rate. Amp and filter envelopes are latched and looped, everything is synced up to the arpeggiator clock. The musician can’t do much to change the ways of this rumbling, howling, and ringing beast. Careful: Loud and extreme frequencies.


Download: rhythmic-chaos.syx

Bubbles Patch

Bubbles, lots of bubbles.

LFO 1 modulates the pitch, LFO 2 modulates the frequency of LFO 1. Play with OSC 2 gain to change the bubble character.


Download: bubbles.syx

Squeaky Lead Patch

Squeaky, sweet, funky, cute.
A lead sound that is not for everybody, but can do good things 🙂


Download: squeaky-lead.syx