Good for improv patch

This sound is strongly inspired by (but not meant to sound exactly like) a wonderful video by Ed Zuccollo, which you can see below.

Put good reverb and delay on it, carefully use the filter cutoff, and you’re in heaven.


Listen: (This is really just an example, and not at all comparable to the performance shown in the video)


Download: good-for-improv.syx

New Sub 37 Firmware 1.2.0 and software editor released!

Moog has released the new Sub 37 firmware version 1.2.0, and version 1.0 of the Sub 37 software editor, librarian and DAW integration plugin.

Both, the firmware update and the editor, are available for free for registered users!

Register here:

We from the Sub 37 Cookbook have been participating in the beta test for many months, and we can highly recommend the editor software. It makes exporting and importing presets a lot easier, and is really helpful for analysing patches. Plus, the ability to run the editor as standalone or as a VST, AAX, RTAS, or AU plugin inside your DAW makes for great integration of the Sub 37 in modern studio pipelines 👍

Martenot’s Touch patch

This preset is more a way to control your keyboard than a sound.
I try to find a way to develop expression of my playing with aftertouch
The MP3 is a 3-tracks recording made with a self-resonant filter,
aftertouch controls the VCA level and mod wheel as a filter vibrato.

you can try a lot of differents presets with this way of controling keyboard, it generates lot of surprises.

Submitted by: michel bananes jr


Download: martenots-touch-1.syx